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Dr. Coral Quiet, Pioneer of Breast Brachytherapy
Coral A. Quiet, MD


Coral Quiet

 is a

radiation oncologist

 that has specialized in breast cancer since she was a resident. In fact, she interned as a surgeon at the University of Chicago planning to specialize in mastectomies and immediate reconstructions. At that time, the data about

breast preservation treatments

 were just beginning to gain scientific strength and after 2 years in surgery, she decided she preferred her patients being awake and with their own tissue! That resulted in a career change and she began her study of oncology and radiation.
She has been in Arizona since 1993. When she came to the Valley, there was no one specializing in
breast cancer
 and in fact only 20% of women were treated with

breast conservation (lumpectomy and radiation)

... 80% were treated with mastectomy. Because of her concern that women were not getting full information before making their treatment decisions, Dr. Quiet co-founded the Arizona Institute for Breast Health (www.AIBH.org), a non-profit organization that provides a FREE second opinion service for women and their families recently diagnosed with
breast cancer
Dr. Coral Quiet began the breast brachytherapy program in 2000 and it has grown and succeeded over the last 10 years. She helped to pioneer the
Mammosite catheter
 for the FDA studies and has been involved with that device's long term use and research. After much experience with the device, she realized that it was limited, in fact could only treat 60% of the patients we were seeing with

early stage breast cancer

.  She has since pioneered a new device,


  which is able to treat many more women with early stage breast cancer while avoiding high dose to skin and ribs. Newer devices are being worked on that will continue to develop breast cancer treatment options.
Dr. Quiet was voted the "#1 Top Doc" in the 2010, 2011 and 2012 issue for Radiation Oncology by Phoenix Magazine. Physicians selected for this recognition are selected through a peer-review survey. The theory is that medical professionals are best qualified to judge medical professionals. To select the physicians, PHOENIX magazine randomly surveys 5,000 Valley physicians, including M.D.s (medical doctors), D.O.s (osteopathic doctors) and N.D.s/N.M.Ds (naturopathic doctors). The surveys ask the doctors to nominate other doctors who, in their judgment, are the best in their field and related fields. Congratulations Dr. Quiet!
Dr. Quiet diving

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