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Breast Brachytherapy

Breast Brachytherapy: 5-Day Breast Cancer Treatment

Breast brachytherapy

 is a

5-day radiation therapy alternative

 for women with

early stage breast cancer

. Some of the highlights are:
  • The preferred treatment for early stage breast cancer is surgical removal of the cancerous lump (lumpectomy) followed by radiation therapy to the breast; radiation therapy following this eliminates the invisibly small deposits of cancer that can remain in the breast after lumpectomy.
  • External beam radiation therapy

     is safe and very effective, but can take over six weeks of daily treatment.
  • New information suggests that less than the whole breast needs to be irradiated for confident in-breast cure of breast cancer after lumpectomy.
  • Breast brachytherapy is an accelerated 5-day treatment

     for selected patients with early stage breast cancer. This technique treats a much smaller volume of breast and other tissues and avoids treating the breast skin with radiation.
  • Dr. Kuske is the only physician in the world that will perform breast brachytherapy on a patient with implants. To read more, please click here.
  • Dr. Robert Kuske, Dr. Coral Quiet, and Dr. Scott Tannehill have more combined experience with breast brachytherapy than any other practice in the world!
Please note: For our out-of-state patients, you will need to plan for nine (9) days total, including the weekend, for your consult, procedure and treatment sessions. Please keep this in mind when making your travel plans.
Take a moment and watch this excellent video of Dr. Coral Quiet reviewing the

breast brachytherapy radiation options

. She covers many of the choices, treatments and what you can expect. Just click on the arrow in the video and it will begin.