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Dr. Coral Quiet is Featured on Health2Fit.com

Arizona Doctor's RX to Fight Breast Cancer

Click below to watch this great video of Dr. Quiet's recommendations.

Chemotherapy and radiation aren't the only treatments in the fight against cancer. One Phoenix oncologist says it's what you do at home that can really make a difference in your health.

Dr. Coral Quiet is committed to educating her patients about how what they eat can directly affect their health. She is with Breast Cancer Specialists in Phoenix.

Our high end calories we tend to see people being overweight which leads to a resistance to insulin so their body has to make more insulin in order to keep their sugar levels in normal range and as a result their bodies have higher insulin levels and we see resistance to it which is probably stimulating some of these cells that shouldn't be stimulated like breast cancer and colon cancer cells."

One of the things Quiet is concerned about is how much sugar we have in our diet.

"There are a lot of things that happen when we eat sugar we produce insulin so that the cells can suck up that sugar," Quiet said. And we know that insulin is a growth factor for some types of cancers especially breast cancer and colon cancer."

The types of foods creating that scenario are simple carbs like cookies, bread, cakes and other sugary foods. Quiet said they are basically fuel for cancer.

"Breast cancer can't grow in a culture in a lab under ideal circumstances unless insulin is added to the culture medium," she added.

One in eight women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime and Quiet wants to reduce that number.

She believes giving patients the right information, will help them take charge of their own health.

The first step is eating a low glycemic, low carb diet much like a Mediterranean diet. This includes eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fish.

Another component to staying cancer free is exercise.

"There are study after study that show that women who exercise regularly have lower rates of cancer particularly breast cancer," she said. "We sometimes start women walking 15 minutes twice a day it's becoming a new prescription but a very successful one."

Quiet feels eating right and exercise will give people a much better chance of beating cancer.

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