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Guide to Radiation Therapy Physics
About Physics at Arizona Breast Cancer Specialists

Arizona Breast Cancer Specialists

Department of Radiation Physics provides safe, accurate and high quality patient care in collaboration with the patient's radiation oncologist. The department provides physics consultation regarding the scientific and technical aspects of radiation oncology, and ensures that state of the art technologies and equipment function optimally.
The Department of Radiation Physics has three Ph.D. medical physicists and three board certified medical dosimetrists, two medical physics residents, and medical physics graduate students from the University of Arizona.
AZ Breast Cancer Specialists Medical Radiation Physicists
Our Physics Department
Medical Radiation Physicists
The medical physicists are greatly involved with responsibilities in areas of medical imaging and treatment, often with specific patients.
An example is the planning of radiation treatments for cancer patients, using either external radiation beams or internal radioactive sources. An indispensable service is the accurate measurement of the radiation output from radiation sources employed in cancer therapy. Other important services are provided through investigation of equipment performance, design of radiation installations, and control of potential radiation hazards.
The Physics Department provides services at all three ABCS facilities located in North Scottsdale, South Scottsdale, North Phoenix, and Gilbert.
Medical Dosimetrists
The medical dosimetrist is a member of the radiation oncology team who has knowledge of the overall characteristics and clinical relevance of radiation oncology treatment and planning equipment, is cognizant of procedures commonly used in brachytherapy and has the education and expertise necessary to generate radiation dose distributions and dose calculations.
AZ Breast Cancer Specialists Medical Dosimetrists
Sonya Suzewitz
Communication among team members is vital to effective patient care. Toward this end, it is imperative that medical dosimetrists actively and openly communicate with radiation oncologists, medical physicists, radiation therapists, and nurses, among other members of the team, to enable and ensure that appropriate transfer of information occurs.
Medical dosimetrists frequently are liaisons between medical physicists and other members of the radiation oncology team.
Our Physics Team

Chief Physicist

  • Kevin Rogers, MS

Medical Physicists

Medical Dosimetrists