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More About the TRIUMPH-T "Overnight" Trial

Patients Who Participated in the Triumph-T Overnight Trial Met the Following Criteria:

  • Female age 45 or older at diagnosis
  • Surgical treatment of the breast must have been lumpectomy. The margins of the resected specimen must be histologically free of tumor (negative surgical margins per NSABP criteria)
  • On histologic examination, the tumor must be DCIS and/or invasive breast carcinoma
  • For patients with invasive breast cancer, an axillary staging procedure must be performed [either SNB alone or axillary dissection (with a minimum of six axillary nodes removed), and the axillary node(s) must be pathologically negative]. Patients over 70 with ER+ tumors no greater than 2 cm do not require axillary evaluation, but MUST be clinically node negative on examination and all available imaging (clinical N0).
  • The T stage must be Tis, T1 or T2. If T2, the tumor must be ≤ 3.0 cm in maximum diameter
  • Estrogen receptor positive tumor and/or progesterone receptor positive tumor

3 techniques of brachytherapy are permitted on a trial:

Brachytherapy targeting
Multiple-catheter interstitial
SAVI catheter
Contura radiation balloon
Contura balloon