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TRIUMPH-T "overnight" trial


Let me start with "I feel so blessed to have been a part of the Triumph-T Trial". To me this trial is a way to give women hope. I think it is so "cool" that I was the first one to participate. My life hasn't always been easy. My son was born with a condition that only 1 in 3 are born with in the world. I am the sole care-giver to my son and my time is precious and limited. My husband passed away in 2013 from lymphoma and watching his battle with cancer was a hard experience.

When I was diagnosed with cancer my motto was "it is going to be what it is going to be. . .take things as they come". With all the other things I have faced in my life I didn't want to get too excited about my cancer diagnosis. . .I didn't want to worry over it. My Aunt previously was treated by Dr. Kuske with the five day treatment option of partial breast irradiation. She only had good things to say about Dr. Kuske and staff, so I sought care from him.

Previously, I have had two lumpectomies and with my son's schedule being able to take time for these procedures was hard enough and I wasn't sure how I could handle the demanding schedule for my cancer treatment. The five day option is a treatment option for five days twice a day. . .I didn’t have the time for that either. By talking with Dr. Kuske and explaining my daily commitments to my son he said "you'd be the perfect candidate for this trial study we are doing: the Triumph-T Trial. He told me I would have to wait a few weeks, but my thought was "I am willing to wait. . ..go with the flow. . .this is not going to get any worse". My main thought was "I am the first to do this and it is nice".

The treatment was a breeze and it was only three days; once a day! I almost feel guilty for how easy it was. It helped that Dr. Kuske is fabulous and I can tell he truly cares about his patients. His staff is phenomenal and I can't say enough good things about them. I am truly blessed that this trial opened when it did. It is an amazing treatment and definitely a gift to someone who is limited on time. I told Dr. Kuske that "my only regret was that it was too fast and that I wouldn't be able to see Dr. Kuske anymore". I truly thank Dr. Kuske and his staff for giving me the ability to take care of myself, but also still have the ability to care for my son.