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Robert R. Kuske, MD.

Radiaiton Oncologist

Dr. Robert R Kuske is a radiation oncologist, who has sub-specialized in the treatment of breast cancer.

Dr. Kuske moved to the valley from Wisconsin in 2003. He co-founded Arizona Breast Cancer Specialists in 2008 as the first ever radiation oncology facility in the world focused solely on breast cancer treatment with radiation. In 2012 Dr. Kuske and Arizona Breast Cancer Specialists partnered with Arizona Center for Cancer Care to extend this expertise throughout the valley.

Our Physicians

Coral A. Quiet, MD.

Dr. Coral Quiet is a radiation oncologist that has specialized in breast cancer since she was a resident. 

Scott P. Tannehill, MD.

Dr. Scott Tannehill came to the valley in June 2009. He is Board Certified in Radiation Oncology and has over twelve years of specialty-practice experience.

Gregory A. Maggass, MD

Dr. Gregory A. Maggass is board certified in radiation oncology, with a particular focus on the treatment of prostate cancer with both brachytherapy and..

Farley E. Yang, MD

Dr. Farley Yang is specializing in a number of disease sites including breast cancers, head and neck cancers, prostate cancers, lung cancers, gynecological cancers and lymphoma. 

Luci M. Chen, MD

Dr. Luci M. Chen has extensive clinical experience with breast brachytherapy as well as external beam therapy for breast cancer.

Anushka H. Patel, MD

Dr. Anushka Patel is a board-certified radiation oncologist and is an expert in using Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT).

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