Out-of-Town Patients

Why not come to Arizona for the Treatment of Your Life?

Patients come to us from all 50 states and all over the world. Why? Because women are taking their healthcare into their own hands, and today’s women seek the “best of the best” to handle their life (& breast) – threatening medical issues.

If a newly diagnosed patient selects a breast surgeon, why would she not choose a radiation oncologist who is a breast-specialist? Considering the skill and experience it takes to deliver elite brachytherapy, most women would rather go to the most experienced physician they can find. Our physicians have treated more than 1,600 women with Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation (brachytherapy) and pioneered this entire field of medicine. Ask your local doctor how many cases he or she has performed, and whether they trained under Drs. Kuske, Quiet, Tannehill, Maggass, Chen or Yang. The medical physicist is vitally important to this procedure and Dr. Sadeghi is internationally recognized as an expert in calculating the perfect dose and delivering world-class brachytherapy.

Kristina Allen, who can be reached at (480) 278-8262, will serve as your “Medical Concierge,” as there are requirements that need to be met when being treated as an out-of-state patient. Kristina will assist you with scheduling your appointments and will guide you through the steps to ensure a smooth process. We accept most insurance plans, as well.

Judith Dick discusses why she came so far to go to Dr. Kuske and ABCS.


When you call for an appointment, our Scheduling Coordinator will provide you with a Travel Guide that includes an extensive list of area hotels, spas, shopping locations, hiking trails, Pink Jeep Sedona excursions, and golf locations. When planning your hotel stay, our Travel Guide includes a complete list of options in different prices ranges. We have also negotiated a special medical rate for our patients, so you will need to ask for this special rate provided to Arizona Breast Cancer Specialists patients when making your reservation.

The Editha House

Another option for our patients is the Editha House. It is a place where patients and caregivers find common comfort and emotional support in one another. They understand the challenges you are facing and are there to welcome you with open arms. For those who can afford it, a nightly donation is requested. However, no one is turned away if they are unable to make a donation. It is best to contact the Editha House directly for more information on the facility.

A Note of Thanks

Dear Kristina…Thank you so much for the Out-of-State Patient Information you sent. I found it thorough, interesting, helpful and welcoming. I appreciate the care that went into creating it. I will be in Phoenix next week and will drop the new patient information off at that time. I’m looking forward to getting away from the snow, mud and wind of Northern New Mexico!

I would like to thank you for your advertisement in the US Airways magazine. At the time I read it, I was flying home to have my final chemotherapy treatment with the thought of having to set up radiation treatments for 6 weeks.

I had not heard of brachytherapy prior to reading your article. But on arriving home, I research it on the internet and am happy to say that I completed my 5 day treatment last Friday using the “button & tube” method. Thank you for the valuable information in the advertisement and on your website. Betty B. from Los Angeles

Dear Dr. Kuske……….words could not tell you how I felt when you said you were a doctor who did not believe in pain. You were so right! I had little or no pain since I started my first day of treatment. All my thanks – you are wonderful! Violet B.

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